Inflatable furniture forms a playful and affordable aesthetic. 

The interior of the office is punctuated by colorful air mattresses that are placed as partitions or attached to the ceiling. Inexpensive inflatable furniture makes up the decor. Pons imagined the work area and living quarters as an ‘interchangeable space,’ and thus he used uniform, wheeled containers for the dividers that section off the rooms and the storage spaces. In fact, this installation has been built by using readily available supplies purchased at supermarkets, retail outlets, hardware stores, and drug stores.

The layout of the dividers with storage spaces allow for easy adjustment when change is needed. Pons built the movable containers by combining everyday wood panels and inflatable mattresses used in pool with ordinary bakery carts. For the ceiling, he suspended air mattresses overhead using a system of wires. Stools provided parts to construct the lighting system. Doubled up pool mattresses became room dividers, and the lamp installation is comprised of air stools. The architect painted the walls blue, purple, and green, while he left the floor cement-gray. 

The overall atmosphere with the air-filled furniture gives the office an ethereal feeling. The office project was completed with a low budget of $999 and overcame shipping and moving problems as well. (from SPA-DE Magazine)