Interlude House was inspired by the beautiful glance of light that showers a small interior patio and is reminiscent of a tropical sun clock. The renovation reorganized the home around this patio and relocated the staircase to make it a sculptural and functional hinge of the interiors.

A recessed gap on the main façade that revealed architectural volumes became an “axis” to guide people through the main door into the entry hall, and then into the interior patio that leads to the dining room and concludes in the living room overlooking the swimming pool. At both sides of the axis rooms were added – on the left, a powder room, laundry, pantry, coat closet, and kitchen; on the right, two new bedrooms that share a full bathroom. On the second floor, the master bedroom overlooks the swimming pool and two bedrooms rooms face the front yard.

The façade was renovated with a new cladding treatment that translated the Floridian vernacular coral stone into a man-made composite. A recessed vertical gap was treated with glass and metal to impart lightness and sleekness to the interiors. Tongue and groove teak siding, evocative of Miami’s docks, has been used in the entrance canopy and trellises over the interior patio and master bedroom terrace.

Thoughtful landscaping, which incorporated existing palm trees and an existing mango tree, brings a lush and tropical feel to the front yard, interior patio, and back yard.

The north façade of the guesthouse features a green wall that functions as a gentle privacy screen separating the main house from the swimming pool.